A Step Back In Time...

In the Spring of 1948 Herb Mayfield and his son-in-law Ray Golland bought a shed behind the Orange Fire Station and commenced production of soft drinks which they sold from a converted Buick touring car to the corner stores around Orange.

Herb and one employee using a single head filler ran the factory while Ray managed White’s Shoe Store during the day and looked after the books of the partnership of Mayfield’s Cordials at night. This was still a time of shortages and rationing and the new partnership didn’t have a quota for sugar or bottles. Sugar was obtained from sundry suppliers who could not use their full quota for one reason or another, while sauce, beer, and wine bottles were used because soft drink bottles simply could not be bought.

In 1949 Mayfields acquired the business run by Davis and Potter at 2-6 Sampson St., Orange. This purchase meant big changes to the business. Neville Kerr joined the partnership, and from a single head filler the manufacture progressed to an 8-head filler, a much larger factory, a real sugar quota and entry to the soft drink bottle market.

Mayfields was established in Orange NSW
Ray became the first person in Australia to be awarded the Diploma of Soft Drink Manufacture
Mayfields Cordials became the first franchise bottlers of Schweppes products in Australia
Herb retired and Ray acquired his shareholding
Started producing Orchy fruit juices - the first chilled fruit juices sold in the area
Neville Kerr retired from the company and his shares were purchased by Bill Golland, John Parkes and Phil Culley who became directors.
Mayfields merge with Orbells from Dubbo to become Mid-West Bottling, with the Coca-Cola and Schweppes bottling franchise area from Lithgow to Bourke
Phil Culley resigns; his shares being purchased by Bill Golland and John Parkes, who remained directors with Ray Golland
Mid-West Bottling is sold to Macquarie Publications who in turn sell the business to Coca-Cola Amatil
Mayfields now makes a come back with organic and natural flavourings. A healthier take on the good old favourites.